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Things that People Don’t do at Interview!

I ran a poll via Linkedin recently subtly headed what are the biggest turns while you are Interviewing someone, which led to some surprising results.

Over 791 people responded from different companies around the world, but the results were polarised.

Check out the details and especially the comments by the Interviewers, its really valuable Information, and a real eye opener.

The biggest turn off is lack of preparation and good questions!

Not skill on the job, not having done this before or being able to give evidence of what you would do.

Second biggest turn off was appearance and dress, and in third was rambling and being boring.

So the moral to this story is asking good questions makes a massive difference to the way you come across and your associated credibility, followed by your appearance which seems to re-enforce peoples view of their perception of you through your appearance and confidence.

Once they believe you have the relevant experience they are looking for evidence that you’re the right or wrong person for the role.

I know this sounds obvious, its like saying Football is a game of two halves, but what this really means is you  have a 50/50 chance of success. The problem is most people think they have a much smaller chance and ignore the key things that will get them to the 50%.

Read the results and some of the comments, its a real eye opener.



By Gary Gamp Corporate Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator and Change Agent at Positive Momentum  •   791 votes  •  49 comments  •  Ended 14 Oct 2011

382 male 171 female

What’s the moral to the story I hear you ask?

If your going to an Interview, your success will be based on three things, apart from ability and track record.

*The way you look (I don’t mean how good looking you are)

*The way you come across

*Your credibility and fit to the organisation

The way you tilt success towards you, is by taking away anything that could go against you.

Here are three ideas:

1. Dress well and appropriately, look the part

2. Really research the person you are seeing and the organisation and anything you can find out about where they have been and where they are going. Linkedin and the Google are a great source of data, and the company website and annual report normally lead you to the updated strategy of the company.

3. Decide in advance a small number of really good questions which show you understand what’s going on and generate a good debate, whilst avoiding being a smart arse for obvious reasons.

Finally, if you are very well prepared, and have thought through answers to questions they might ask, you will feel confident and come across much better. This will also lead to better self belief and add to your credibility and confidence.

Try it, it works! there’s a fine line between success and failure during an interview.

Hope it helps

Good Luck!

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